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          Nanchang Huaya Industrial Co.,Ltd Located In Changdong Industrial Park Nanchang, It has superior location and convenient transportation.. Company Was established in 1993, Covers an area of 20,000 square meters. They has 200 workers and 60 professional technical personnel , 4 production workshops. 2 large-scale fabric knitting workshop. It is a professional export trade company manufacturing knitting garment, which incorporates design, development, producing and sales.
          The main produciton Including T-shirt. Polo shirt. Sweatshirt , Pants. Vest. Children set. Underware. Pajamas.and other different kind of knitted garments. . the fabric have Cotton. Polyester, T/C , CVC, Lycra and So on.. there are have advantaged machinese and Equipments. Including total have 80 big circular knitting machines. Small circular knitting machines and rib knitting machines. 200 flat sewing machines, over-lock machines. Double stitching and double chained machines . our company set up the excellent and modern corporate system.
          Promote the output and quality of the company . the Factory each month can producce 300000pcs of T-shirt. 200000pcs of Polo shirts. 100000pcs of sweatshirt , polar fleece jacket, fleece pants etc…the products are very popular with their customers and have a great market in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa, etc.
          Best Quality , Best reputation is the company aim . the principle of first-class quality, favorable price, sincere credit and excellent after-sale service. To pursuing the new aim , adjust the industrial structure. attract talent. Develop the economy to offer the best quality and friendly service for the clients all over the world. We will make great contribution to the knitting garment take-off Nanchang City .